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Thanks for this awesome game! It may just be due to the fact that I suck at these turn-based roguelikes, but I'm finding it difficult to progress. Do you have any cheats or a trainer or something? I'd like to see all this game has to offer. Thanks again.

I don't have cheats or a trainer, but I can give you some guidance. The game can be challenging at the beginning until you build your party up. I would start by recruiting the Ranger just north of the first temple. Next, head to the swamp southwest from the starting village and recruit the witch. Then, if you really want to be overpowered, talk to the farmer just north of the starting village, rescue his cow, and refuse to return her, as the cow is a really powerful party member. That will give you a really strong initial party.

Top quality retro RPG with turn-based tactical combat. The overarching story's fairly generic but Esturia is really about the journey and it's surprisingly packed with choice & consequence.  Along the way you will explore a surprisingly large world, meet lots of new people in a politically charged world, and be forced to make difficult decisions along the way.  

How do I run the game? There's no .exe


If you unzip the win64 download you should see a file called trpg.exe.

First of all congratulations for the game and now the question: is the game content completed? 


The game is complete, but I am continuing to make small improvements and I am working on an expansion. It will be a roguelike mode with procedurally generated dungeons and perma-death.


Great! Thanks

Is there a way to import saves? I'd like to be able to continue my playthrough as the game is updated.

There is actually. In the data folder there are questlog files. You can just copy those files to transfer your saves.

Ok thanks!